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Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club
November 26, 2021 - November 28, 2021
Calgary, Alberta (Indoor)


Description: 3 All Breed Shows
Address: Agriculture Building, Stampede Park, 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 2W1
Opening Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021

  • Conformation - Laurie Campbell (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Wendy Hamilton-Petkau (Alberta, Canada)
    Conformation - Andrea Robins (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Robert Rowbotham (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Mary White (Ohio, USA)
    Conformation - Ed Wild (Ontario, Canada)

  •  Nov 26, 2021
    Nov 27, 2021
    Nov 28, 2021
    Bests Robert RowbothamMary WhiteEd Wild
    Group 1 Robert RowbothamEd WildMary White
    Group 2 Robert RowbothamEd WildMary White
    Group 3 Mary WhiteRobert RowbothamEd Wild
    Group 4 Wendy Hamilton-PetkauMary WhiteRobert Rowbotham
    Group 5 Wendy Hamilton-PetkauMary WhiteLaurie Campbell
    Group 6 Ed WildAndrea Robins

    Group Level
    Robert Rowbotham

    Laurie Campbell
    American Eskimo Dog (Miniature)
    American Eskimo Dog (Standard)
    Bichon Frise
    Boston Terrier
    Chinese Shar-Pei
    Chow Chow
    German Pinscher
    Japanese Spitz
    Lhasa Apso
    Poodle (Miniature)
    Poodle (Standard)
    Shih Tzu
    Xoloitzcuintli (Miniature)
    Xoloitzcuintli (Standard)

    Robert Rowbotham
    French Bulldog
    Japanese Akita
    Shiba Inu
    Tibetan Spaniel
    Tibetan Terrier
    Group 7 Ed Wild

    Group Level
    Mary White

    Andrea Robins
    German Shepherd Dog
    Iceland Sheepdog
    Norwegian Buhund
    Old English Sheepdog
    Polish Lowland Sheepdog
    Portuguese Sheepdog
    Shetland Sheepdog
    Spanish Water Dog
    Swedish Vallhund
    Tatra Shepherd Dog
    Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
    Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

    Mary White
    Australian Cattle Dog
    Australian Kelpie
    Australian Shepherd
    Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
    Bearded Collie
    Belgian Shepherd Dog
    Berger Des Pyrenees
    Berger Picard
    Border Collie
    Bouvier des Flandres
    Collie (Rough)
    Collie (Smooth)
    Finnish Lapphund
    Lancashire Heeler
    Miniature American Shepherd
    Robert Rowbotham

Forms & Links

Show Secretary

TKO Show Services
1219 - 18A Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 4W5
Phone: 403-651-7789
Email: TKOShowServices@gmail.com
Website: http://www.tkoshowservices.ca/

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Additional Notes
Junior Handling
Saturday. Judge: TBA.

Entries will open on Thursday, October 28 at 12:00 noon.

Event Map
Address: Agriculture Building, Stampede Park, 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 2W1
Disclamer: Map may not display exact location. Use event address to confirm your destination.

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