Judge Information
Judge Name: Robert Dawson
Location: Seoul, Korea
Kennel Name:
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds
Bob Dawson is an Australian who has worked in the Asia and the Pacific region for over 40 years, based in Manila Philippines and now, Seoul, South Korea. Mr. Dawson has been a Director on the Board of the Philippine Canine Club Inc., (PCCI) the parent canine body in the Philippines and is a life member of that organization. Since coming to Korea, he has conducted seminars for judges and exhibitors.

In dogs, Bob has concentrated on Toy and Companion dogs (Pugs, Chihuahua, Japanese Chins and Boston Terriers) and Hounds (Basenji, Miniature Dachshund, and Whippets) breeding and campaigning many to their Philippine Grand Champions and Champions. He has also made-up AKC Champions. He remains active in the show ring and has won several Best in Shows with his dogs. His kennel prefix is "Kawana". He was the first person to introduce Basenjis into the Philippines; acquiring several top lines form the USA. He combined the various lines and produced several champions, grand champions and group winners.

Mr. Dawson judges all-breeds and is recognized in several countries as well as the FCI and AKU. He has judged on all six continents, including in Australia and New Zealand; South Africa, Brazil, several countries in Europe including Finland, Switzerland, Latvia, Ireland, Russia, Germany, England, and Sweden; in the United States and Canada, and in most of the countries in Asia including India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. He has officiated at many specialties, as well as Dog of the Year competitions in Australia, South Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Over the years Mr. Dawson has been active in the administration of clubs, including the Pug Club of the Philippines, the Boston Terrier Club of the Philippines, and the Hound Group Club of the Philippines. He has been involved in the development and implementation of Judges' Training Schemes.

Mr. Dawson is currently Deputy Director-General of the Global Green Growth Institute (www.GGGI.ORG) an international organization dedicated to creating economic development, mindful of the environment and human needs.
Future Assignments

Chinese Crested Club Of Ontario - June 03, 2018
Basenji Club of Canada [National] - June 02, 2018
Borzoi Club of Ontario - June 02, 2018
Whippet Club of Eastern Canada - June 02, 2018
Erie Shores Kennel Club - June 01, 2018
Havanese Owners And Lovers Association - June 01, 2018
Past Assignments

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