Club Canin Chomedey
Sunday, September 17, 2023 - Rally Trial-5

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Friday, September 15
Friday, September 15 (Limited Breed Show for Group 5)
Saturday, September 16
Saturday, September 16 (Limited Breed Show for Sighthounds)
Sunday, September 17
Sunday, September 17 (Limited Breed Show for Group 4)


Saturday, September 16 (Obedience Trial-1)
Saturday, September 16 (Obedience Trial-2)
Sunday, September 17 (Obedience Trial-3)
Sunday, September 17 (Obedience Trial-4)

Rally Obedience

Friday, September 15 (Rally Trial-1)
Friday, September 15 (Rally Trial-2)
Saturday, September 16 (Rally Trial-3)
Saturday, September 16 (Rally Trial-4)
Sunday, September 17 (Rally Trial-5)
Sunday, September 17 (Rally Trial-6)

Novice A - Nathalie Robitaille
Api De Chamboisnd
 Braque Francais  Carole Levert 89.0
Gamora Astra Meum
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Nohemie Leblanc Flamand 83.0

Novice B - Nathalie Robitaille
Laroc Sweet Lima
 Bouvier des Flandres  Stephanie Larocque 87.0

Intermediate - Nathalie Robitaille
Fado (4242149)
 Mixed Breed  Rosalie Rheaume 97.0
Galheights Duo Vinho Jazz
 Bouvier des Flandres  Nancy Roy 83.0

Advanced A - Nathalie Robitaille
Milldamcreek Bagel Friday
 Miniature American Shepherd  Cato Albu 76.0

Advanced B - Nathalie Robitaille
GChB Rush's True Illusion
 Retriever (Flat-Coated)  Annie Prange & Linda Brox 98.0

Excellent A - Nathalie Robitaille
No Entry

Excellent B - Nathalie Robitaille
GCh Cutwater Where The Wind Takes Me
 Portuguese Water Dog  Astrid Homet 98.0
RGCh Blueshadow's The Butler Did It
 Shetland Sheepdog  Dayna Nichol 97.0
Dusilence Bakar Ruten
 Australian Shepherd  Alexandra McGowan 96.0
GChB Rush's True Illusion
 Retriever (Flat-Coated)  Annie Prange & Linda Brox 83.0

Master - Nathalie Robitaille
Tadam Let The Adventure Begin
 Australian Shepherd  Emmanuelle Bussiere 97.0
RGCh Blueshadow's The Butler Did It
 Shetland Sheepdog  Dayna Nichol 96.0
Bonibrook's Enjoy Life
 Australian Shepherd  Emmanuelle Bussiere 96.0
Dusilence Bakar Ruten
 Australian Shepherd  Alexandra McGowan 95.0
Ch North Kingdom's Summer Solstice
 Cane Corso  Sean Lang/Michael Nadzipov 94.0

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