Judge Information
Judge Name: Benjamin Luxton
Location: South Australia, Australia
Kennel Name: Obsidian, Miniatura
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds Basenji,Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Chinese Shar-Pei,Pug
I attained the Australian National Kennel Council, All Breeds Conformation Judges License in 2008 and have completed assignments both nationally and internationally in several countries including Sweden, Thailand, South Africa and New Zealand with several appointments pending.

I commenced in the sport of pure breed dog exhibition with pugs in 1984 under the Obsidion prefix and continue to hold the reputation as one of the top breeder/exhibitors of the breed in Australia, having bred and exhibited the National breed leader for the last 3 consecutive years. My Obsidion pugs are also selectively campaigned in several countries around the world.

With a strong interest in hounds, Basenjis joined the Obsidion kennels show team in 1998 with great success. Obsidion basenjis now also feature on the European show scene with representatives exhibited at the 2012 World Show. Ben, through association with his partner, Rodney is also associated with the breeding and exhibition of Sharpei and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels under the Miniatura prefix.

Ben is employed by the South Australian state government as a senior executive, advising government on issues of dog and cat management.
Future Assignments
Past Assignments

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