Exhibitor Thank-You To Melody McMurphy

To Melody McMurphy from BC & Alberta:

The exhibitors that knew and loved Joan McMurphy would like to extend our gratitude to her daughter, Melody McMurphy for fulfilling the final shows that her mom had for 2016. Joan is truly missed at dog shows by many and those of us who took the time to get to know you Mel, will miss you as well. Thank you for all your hard work, patience and love you showed to many of us. May retirement bring you all the joy that your heart can handle.

...Your friends, who wish you all the best.


Note from Canuck Dogs:

Joan and Melody McMurphy (JM Show Services) have been unfailingly kind and helpful to me ever since I started Canuck Dogs. There was nothing too big or too small, they always helped out with a smile. When Joan passed away early this year, she left a huge hole in the dog community and in my heart. Melody finished all of Joan's shows this year knowing it was important to Joan. Without Melody's kindness and help this year, I could not have gotten through some of the shows. Melody, I miss you already and wish you happiness wherever your path takes you.

Exhibitor Thank-You To Melody McMurphy

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