River Valley Obedience & Field Trial Club [Obedience & Rally]
Saturday, August 27, 2022 - Rally Trial-1

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Sunday, August 28 (Obedience Trial-1)
Sunday, August 28 (Obedience Trial-2)

Rally Obedience

Saturday, August 27 (Rally Trial-1)
Saturday, August 27 (Rally Trial-2)

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Novice A - Lynne Oslach
Genosha's Duchess of Brooklyn
 Retriever (Golden)  Leslie Burns 100.0
Hiccup (4183452)
 Dalmatian  Heather Wilson 94.0
Amadore Kindled Spirits
 Australian Shepherd  Gail Scott 92.0
Loghavens O Papi Metog Pabu
 Shih Tzu  Bonnie Horncastle 87.0

Novice B - Lynne Oslach
Vegrenan's Stone Age Hottie
 Bullmastiff  Nanette Pearl 95.0

Intermediate - Lynne Oslach
GChB Cowboy's Locked And Loaded
 Australian Shepherd  Jen Stairs 99.0
Tazzman's Walking On Sunshine
 German Shepherd Dog  Nanette Pearl 98.0
Ch Backcountry You're A Dreamer
 Bernese Mountain Dog  Jennifer Julian 98.0
Vegrenan's Guardian Of A Broken Heart
 Bullmastiff  Nanette Pearl 96.0

Advanced A - Lynne Oslach
Auburnmist Road to Dunsmuir
 Retriever (Golden)  Corrie Horne 95.0
Ch Seafarers Blu Vu High Sierra
 Shetland Sheepdog  Denis Roussel &Deborah Febres Urdaneta 90.0

Advanced B - Lynne Oslach
GCh Cowboy's She's Got Sass
 Australian Shepherd  Wendy Bennett 100.0
Ch Stockli's Fareyn
 Bernese Mountain Dog  Jennifer Julian 100.0
Magicshades KC & The Sunshine Band
 Retriever (Golden)  Charline Chase 94.0

Excellent A - Lynne Oslach
Roseridge Findin' The Right Angle
 Miniature American Shepherd  Jean Fisher 94.0
 Australian Shepherd  Anna Varty 86.0

Excellent B - Lynne Oslach
GCh DuDomaine Porsha von Lousar
 German Shepherd Dog  Tanya Smith 73.0

Master - Lynne Oslach
Roseridge Findin' The Right Angle
 Miniature American Shepherd  Jean Fisher 87.0

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