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Judge Information
Judge Name: Richard Reynolds
Location: New Jersey, USA
Kennel Name:
Types of Shows: Earth Dog Test
Type of Breeds
Richard Reynolds began his involvement with dogs in 1962 as a veterinary assistant. Since then he has owned and bred Beagles (Englandale), English Foxhounds (Plum Run), Jack Russell Terriers, Norfolk Terriers (Reynard's), Fox Terriers (Gator), and Wire Haired Dachshunds (Reynard's). In addition, he has owned, shown and most importantly hunted Bedlington Terriers and Jagdterriers.

Richard was an AKC licensed professional handler and since 1981 is approved by AKC as a conformation judge of all the hound breeds, some terriers, all Miscellaneous breeds, Spanish Water Dogs and Best in Show and has had assignments nationally and internationally. He is a parent club approved breed mentor in Bedlingtons, Spanish Water Dogs, and several other breeds. His seminars on specific breeds and structural priorities in working terriers are well attended internationally.

There have been numerous articles in dog publications which Richard authored along with specific chapters of canine reference books. Breed seminars and course curriculum for the Chinese Agricultural College were additional projects.

Reynolds' focus as a breeder and judge has always been on preserving breed type through concentration on performance ability. He was the founding Master of Foxhounds (MFH) of the only hunting pack of English Foxhounds recognized by both AKC and MFHA. Hounds from his pack have won a group at Westminster, many Bests in Show, many Large Pack classes at hound shows and the occasional Grand Championship. Most important, each hound and the Jack Russell Terriers that accompanied the pack, hunted a regular 3 day a week schedule and had its turn in the conformation ring "after work."

Preserving a breed's ability to perform the work for which it was bred has been a major objective in Reynolds' career with purebred dogs. In addition to conformation judging he is approved by AKC, the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Working Terrier Association to judge all classes of Earthdog Tests and he is a sought-after trainer and judge across North America.

Richard is the founder and Huntsman of Ryders Alley Trencher-fed Society (R.A.T.S.), an internationally famous band of working terriers that plies their vocation patrolling the streets and alleys of New York City. The group encourages visiting terriers to try their hand at the terriers' vocation and learn from the sixty or so regular hunting terriers. The BBC has dubbed Reynolds "The Ratcatcher of New York City". The group has been featured in print the world over and a recent 2-hour documentary in China. The seminar "Fun Follows Function" is much in demand by dog clubs worldwide.

Richard Reynolds brings to the conformation ring the lessons learned firsthand in the hunt field. His priorities within a given breed are based on the qualities needed to preserve the structure and breed type needed to a dog successful. He has judged in Canada, China, Korea, Europe and Australia and has been honored with many national and regional specialty appointments.
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