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Sunday, August 2, 2009

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Best In Show
Judge: Alan Bennett
Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-Haired)  Ch Grandgables Ms Supernatural
Points: 229 TOP DOG points (** see disclaimer at bottom)
Best Puppy In Show
Judge: Alan Bennett
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)   Spock Samantha Who

Group 1 - Merlin Vandekinder Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Southgate Endor Mystic Shaman
  Spaniel (Brittany)   55
Group 2nd   Ch Honeymoon Victoria's Secret   Retriever (Golden)   54
Group 3rd   
Ch Malysse Halo Masterchief
  Spaniel (English Springer)   43
Group 4th    Heidi Du Ruisseau   Pointer (German Short-Haired)    41
BPIG    Edelweiss Justmoor Chelsea   Retriever (Golden)   N/A

Group 2 - Ann Hennigan Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Grandgables Ms Supernatural   Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-Haired)   22
Group 2nd   
Ch Winsmith Gossip Girl
  Whippet   20
Group 3rd   
Ch HareHill Goes All In
  Ibizan Hound    17
Group 4th   
Ch Bassetarium Disney Dreams Love
  Basset Hound    16
BPIG    Dufailloux Which Witch U Wish   Dachshund (Standard Smooth-Haired)   N/A

Group 3 - Alan Bennett Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Danandre MidSummer Night Dream
  Doberman Pinscher    40
Group 2nd   
Ch CaMe California Dream
  Great Dane    36
Group 3rd   
Ch Monark P for Poudlard
  Great Pyrenees    22
Group 4th   Ch Shaggy Of Lolyka   Portuguese Water Dog    21
DeBlon's Rising Star To Pattedeau
  Portuguese Water Dog    N/A

Group 4 - Merlin Vandekinder Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Symphonie's Be My Valentine
  Kerry Blue Terrier   12
Group 2nd   Ch Dobaella's Quidam   Parson Russell Terrier    10
Group 3rd   Ch Diventy's Ginie   Manchester Terrier    4
Group 4th   
Ch Toulin's Under The Gun
  Scottish Terrier    3
BPIG    Doubleu Enzo Ferrari   Kerry Blue Terrier   N/A

Group 5 - Ann Hennigan Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Sir Galahad de Diventy
  Toy Manchester Terrier    39
Group 2nd   
Ch Nanrich's Count Me In
  Papillon    38
Group 3rd   
Ch Hallmark Jolei Grand Slam
  Pekingese    35
Group 4th   Ch HilaNe's Mark Of Zorro   Affenpinscher    34
BPIG    BCBG Fortune Cookie   Chihuahua (Long Coat)   N/A

Group 6 - Merlin Vandekinder Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Allure Ormar No Regrets
  Poodle (Standard)   23
Group 2nd   Ch Keja Summer Breeze At Sintaro   Poodle (Miniature)   18
Group 3rd   
Ch Peter Lovingfriend Bajoka
  Bulldog    12
Group 4th    Carpe Diem du Tertre Noir   French Bulldog    9
Echoview Cocoabeach Queen Diva
  Dalmatian    N/A

Group 7 - Alan Bennett Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Shalligy's Le Gentil Farfadet   Shetland Sheepdog   32
Group 2nd   
Ch Jenarae's Reddy Set Go At Barbu
  Bouvier des Flandres   25
Group 3rd    Joska Trio Bugatti Veyron   Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)   21
Group 4th   
Dali Blond-Bastides De La Tour St Genin
  Briard   16
BPIG    Spock Samantha Who   Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)   N/A
Disclaimer: These are not official CKC results. If you spot any incorrect results, please email We rely on the goodwill of volunteers to provide us with results and mistakes are corrected as soon as we receive them. The TOP DOG points are unofficial and are calculated based on the show judging schedule so absentees are NOT taken into consideration. For official results, contact the Canadian Kennel Club.

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