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Sunday, July 31, 2011 - Rally Trial 2

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Rally Obedience

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-- Becky Kinsey --
Am. Can. GCh. Merry Song's Hero of Goodsir, RN, CD, CGN, Am CD, RN
Owner: Becky Kinsey

Novice A - Stephen Hazelwood
 Ch Berlane's Believe In Me  Boxer  Sharon & Ron Berry 100.0
  Wilma V. Lehnwaeldli  Bernese Mountain Dog  Ursula Corpataux 97.0
  Kileys Ive Bean Looking4u Ares  Retriever (Golden)  Lyle Epstein 94.0
  Stella Bella Barbarello Supergirl  Maltese  Lee Jessica & Elyea Chris 89.0
  Tanash's Celebrity Status  Spaniel (English Springer)  Amber Levy 88.0
  Keytano Vom Stieracker  Bernese Mountain Dog  Ursula Corpataux 86.0
Firesprite's CryBaby
 Pomeranian  Fotina Karavas & Christopher Collum 85.0
  Desert's Well Worth The Wait  Boxer  Marie McNeil 84.0
 Ch Larkspur You Better Watch Out  Poodle (Standard)  Sylvia Howard 84.0
  Seda's Sweet Arcus Clouds  Havanese  Kim Johnstone 82.0
 Ch Eltin's Truth Hot Off The Pres  Setter (Irish)  Jennifer Saunders-Blades 82.0

Novice B - Stephen Hazelwood
 Ch Hillcrest Aldendale Mercedes  Spaniel (English Springer)  Norma Schaffer 100.0
  Stella (11000003)  Spaniel (English Springer)  Amber Levy 100.0
 Ch Mistymeadows Look What I Cando  Lhasa Apso  Tammy Bell 100.0
  In The Groove Toujours Jeune  Belgian Shepherd Dog  Phyllis Woods 100.0
  Redline's Butternut Schnapps  Retriever (Labrador)  Melissa Eden 100.0
 Ch Stonyson's Panda At Sunberry  Havanese  Janet Gibson & Grace Westerson 100.0
 Ch Rockin' Hearts On Parade  Belgian Shepherd Dog  Tammy Bell 99.0
  Sershan's Miller Light  Samoyed  Ralph Miller 97.0
Ch Keypoint's Supernatural
 Spaniel (English Springer)  Jeanine Smith 96.0
Lookquest Leap At The Chance
 Australian Shepherd  Daryl Byington & Gina Stetsko 95.0
  Devanor Auburnmist Special T  Retriever (Golden)  Debby Braithwaite 94.0
  Momentumm Full Volume  Schnauzer (Giant)  Kathi Seaman 89.0
  Hunter Sync Or Swym At Dragonair  Portuguese Water Dog  Susan Finlay 89.0
  Windanna's Calling The Shots  Retriever (Labrador)  Cynthia Penney 87.0
  Tricker's Written In Stone  Boxer  Christine Tricker 87.0
  Victor Deabei  Belgian Shepherd Dog  Heather Johnson 86.0

Advanced A - Stephen Hazelwood
  Torlan's Great Expectations  Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  Susan Parker 98.0
 Ch Raven Ice You Can Bank On Me  Poodle (Miniature)  Carol Darroch 97.0
  Lafford Top Marc  Maltese  Jessica Lee 79.0

Advanced B - Stephen Hazelwood
Dynstar Mythical Creature
 Shetland Sheepdog  Kimberley Boyes 100.0
 Ch Sunberry's 911 Was Chaos  Havanese  Janet Gibson & Grace Westerson 100.0
  Grastar's Gotta Gem Again  Cairn Terrier  Jeannette Hargreaves 99.0
 Ch Nautica's Boughs Of Holly  Newfoundland  Dawn & Greg Fretts 98.0
  Summer Tyme  Border Collie  Sandra Wall 98.0
  Diavolino's Snow Flurries  Italian Greyhound  Marti Oltmann 98.0
 Ch MGM N Myohmy Spring Break  Boxer  Martta Pearce & Rob Stone 96.0
  Taplacs O'Henry  Bernese Mountain Dog  John Solkshinitz 94.0
Ch Ashemburg's Frozen Asset
 Rottweiler  Marina Skoreiko 90.0
 Ch Averina Crystalton Spice It Up  Poodle (Standard)  Shirley Hubenig 90.0
  Baywood Iona Of Glen Etive  Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  Linda Miller 88.0
Snowycreek's Easy Rider
 German Shepherd Dog  Sharlet Caroe 86.0
 Ch Serenade's Sprite  Spaniel (English Springer)  Karen Spalding/Anne Hutchinson 79.0

Excellent A - Stephen Hazelwood
  Westpaw's Semper Meus  Australian Shepherd  Patricia Wiggins 76.0
Ch Tango Larkspur One Man Band
 Poodle (Standard)  Natalia Koutsil 74.0
  Kiji Macho Man  Lowchen  Claudie-Mireille Olson 71.0

Excellent B - Stephen Hazelwood
Shadowbar's Slow Dance
 German Shepherd Dog  Judith Snowden 100.0
 Ch Averina Crystalton Spice It Up  Poodle (Standard)  Shirley Hubenig 99.0
  Echoviews Lookin 4 Some Hot Stuff  Dalmatian  Heather & John Bolen & Bonnie Hetherington 99.0
  Summer Tyme  Border Collie  Sandra Wall 99.0
 Ch Domtom Xzquisite V Trymine  Doberman Pinscher  Constance Lam 95.0
 Ch MGM N Myohmy Spring Break  Boxer  Martta Pearce & Rob Stone 95.0
 Poodle (Miniature)  Laura Scherle 89.0
  Hunter Stitch At Dragonair  Portuguese Water Dog  Susan Finlay 89.0
 Ch Windmar's Dex Treme  Belgian Shepherd Dog  Joan Michaud 87.0
GCh Merry Song's Hero Of Goodsir
 Beagle  Rebecca Kinsey/Mara Baun/Nancy Bergstrom 86.0
Snowycreek's Easy Rider
 German Shepherd Dog  Sharlet Caroe 85.0
 Schnauzer (Miniature)  Judith Wallace 76.0
Windanna's Shillelagh Lad
 Retriever (Labrador)  Cynthia Penney 75.0
  Baywood Nero Of Glen Etive  Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  Linda Miller 74.0

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: These are not official CKC results. If you spot any incorrect results, please email We rely on the goodwill of volunteers to provide us with results and mistakes are corrected as soon as we receive them. Where there is a tie for a score, results may not be listed in order of placement. For official results, contact the Canadian Kennel Club.

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