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Moncton Kennel Club
May 06, 2017 - May 07, 2017
Moncton, New Brunswick (Indoor)


Description: 4 All Breed Shows / 3 Obedience Trials / 4 Rally Obedience Trials
Address: Moncton Coliseum & Agrena, 377 Killam Dr, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 3T1

Closing Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017  @ 10:00 pm (Atlantic)

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Saturday, May 06 (Show # 1)
Saturday, May 06 (Show # 2)
Sunday, May 07 (Show # 3)
Sunday, May 07 (Show #4)

Saturday, May 06 (Obedience Trial 1)
Sunday, May 07 (Obedience Trial 2)
Sunday, May 07 (Obedience Trial 3)

Rally Obedience:
Saturday, May 06 (Rally Trial 1)
Saturday, May 06 (Rally Trial 2)
Sunday, May 07 (Rally Trial 3)
Sunday, May 07 (Rally Trial 4)

  • Conformation - Joan Colbourn (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Kathrine Grant (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Kim Hamel (British Columbia, Canada)
    Conformation - Mike Jackman (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Deirdre McKinnon (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
    Conformation - Pierrette McLean (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Patrick Mudge (New Brunswick, Canada)
    Conformation - James Osborne (Quebec, Canada)
    Conformation - Anik Primeau (Quebec, Canada)
    Conformation - Glen Stark (Ontario, Canada)
    Obedience - Lynne Oslach (New Brunswick, Canada)
    Obedience - Paul Oslach (New Brunswick, Canada)
    Rally Obedience - Lynne Oslach (New Brunswick, Canada)
    Rally Obedience - Paul Oslach (New Brunswick, Canada)

  •  May 6, 2017
    Show # 1
    May 6, 2017
    Show # 2
    May 7, 2017
    Show # 3
    May 7, 2017
    Show #4
    Bests Mike JackmanGlen StarkKathrine GrantAnik Primeau
    Group 1 Glen StarkJames Osborne

    Group Level
    Anik Primeau

    Anik Primeau
    Braque Francais
    Griffon (Wire-Haired Pointing)
    Kleiner Munsterlander
    Lagotto Romagnolo
    Pointer (German Long-Haired)
    Pointer (German Short-Haired)
    Pointer (German Wire-Haired)
    Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)
    Retriever (Curly-Coated)
    Retriever (Flat-Coated)
    Retriever (Labrador)
    Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
    Setter (English)
    Setter (Gordon)
    Setter (Irish Red & White)
    Setter (Irish)
    Spaniel (American Cocker)
    Spaniel (American Water)
    Spaniel (Blue Picardy)
    Spaniel (Brittany)
    Spaniel (Clumber)
    Spaniel (English Cocker)
    Spaniel (English Springer)
    Spaniel (Field)
    Spaniel (French)
    Spaniel (Irish Water)
    Spaniel (Sussex)
    Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
    Spanish Water Dog
    Spinone Italiano
    Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)
    Vizsla (Wire-Haired)

    Kathrine Grant
    Retriever (Golden)
    Pierrette McLean
    Group 2 Deirdre McKinnonMike JackmanJoan ColbournKathrine Grant
    Group 3 Glen StarkMike JackmanAnik PrimeauJames Osborne
    Group 4 Mike JackmanGlen StarkPierrette McLeanKathrine Grant
    Group 5 Anik PrimeauGlen StarkJoan ColbournKathrine Grant
    Group 6 Mike JackmanDeirdre McKinnonKathrine GrantPatrick Mudge
    Group 7 James OsborneGlen StarkKathrine GrantAnik Primeau

Forms & Links

Entry Form - Conformation
Entry Form - Obedience and Rally
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Show Secretary

Celebrity Pro Dog Show Services
2144 Rough Waters Dr.
Bathurst, NB E2A 4K6
Phone: 506-546-3881
Email: topdog@nbnet.nb.ca

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