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Sunday, October 16, 2022 - Specialty-Sunday

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Sweepstakes - Susan Bell Top Dog
Best In Juvenile Sweepstakes    Onarock' Gazing At The Clouds   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Opposite in Juvenile Sweeps    Camlab's Hotel California   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best In Veteran Sweepstakes   GCh Onarock's Silver Lining   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Opposite in Veteran Sweeps   GCh Onarock's Carved In Stone   Retriever (Labrador)   0

Group 1 - Claire White-Peterson Top Dog
Judge: Claire White-Peterson

Best Of Breed: 67 pts (16-25-11-16)
GCh Chablais Chou A La Creme

Best Of Opposite Sex
Ch Bernfield's Out Of The Shadows

Best Of Winners: (16-25-11-16)
Madabout's Dancing In The Big Apple

Best Puppy In Breed
Ch Onarock's Tia Maria

Select Bitch
Ch Onarock's Tia Maria

Award Of Merit
GCh Kriscoland's Spellbound
GCh Kai Den Southern Belle @ Tri-Ever Amen

Best of Breed (Altered)
Ch Ourgang's Burning Desire

Winners Dog: (16-25-11-16)
Madabout's Dancing In The Big Apple

Reserve Winners Dog
Chablais Lucien

Junior Puppy Dog Class
1st Onarock' Gazing At The Clouds
2nd Marshmasters Hollywood Kid Cares
3rd Doukare's Of Noble Descent
4th Chablais In The Shade At Wildbrook

12-18 Month Dog Class
1st Paevalley Poncho Burrito
2nd Huntsdown Bonham
3rd Madabout's Feel The Magic
4th Ironridge's Executive Decision

Canadian Bred Dog Class
1st Madabout's Dancing In The Big Apple

Open Dog Class
1st Chablais Lucien
2nd Madabout's Kiss In The Dark
3rd Atlantic's Hat Trick
4th Doukare's Come From Away

Field Dog
Ch Ourgang's Burning Desire

Veteran Male (7-9)
GCh Chablais Rendez-Vous
GCh Onarock's Carved In Stone

Veterans - 9-11 Years Male
GCh Kriscoland's Spellbound

Altered Male
Ch Ourgang's Burning Desire

Best Stud Dog
GCh Madabout's Call The Butcher

Winners Bitch: (16-25-11-16)
Chablais Entre-nous

Reserve Winners Bitch
Sher-Mi 3C Huntsdown Biscotti

Junior Puppy Bitch Class
1st Willowrose Sagecreek Want N Will

Senior Puppy Bitch
1st Madabout's Is That You Rose
2nd Madabout Snapple Apple

12-18 Month Bitch Class
1st Fargoridge Cool Breeze
2nd Camlab's Hotel California

Canadian Bred Bitch
1st Fargoridge Livin The Dream
2nd Camlab's Italian Job
3rd Doukare's Run Susie Run
4th Madabout's Beaumont Rose

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch
1st Madabout's Ask The Doctor
2nd Chablais Encore
3rd Doukare's Lil Bit Of Heaven
4th Nyroca's Perrermint Paddy

Open Bitch
1st Chablais Entre-nous
2nd Sher-Mi 3C Huntsdown Biscotti
3rd Staghorn's Mint Julep
4th Gaff's Ciara

Field Bitch
GCh Maktawae Late Knight Party
Ch Fenwyck's Full Of Animation

Veteran Female (7-9)
GCh Chablais Chou A La Creme
GCh Onarock's Silver Lining
GCh Chablais Wood Duck Bahama Mama
Fargoridge Just My Luck

Veterans - 11+ Years Female
Madabout's Juno My Name

Altered Female
Madabout's New Vintage

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