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Saturday, May 11, 2019 - Rally Trial 1

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Saturday, May 11 (Show #1)
Saturday, May 11 (Show #2)
Sunday, May 12 (Show #3)
Sunday, May 12 (Show #4)


Saturday, May 11 (Obedience Trial 1)
Sunday, May 12 (Obedience Trial 2)

Rally Obedience

Saturday, May 11 (Rally Trial 1)
Sunday, May 12 (Rally Trial 2)

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Novice A - Karen MacFarlane
Ch Quyen's Mystical Gus
 Retriever (Golden)  Anne Webb Muise 93.0
Meander Mynameischico 2nd
 Chihuahua (Short Coat)  Cindy Bayers 92.0
Peakview's You Really Got Me
 Great Dane  Sandi Leaf 81.0
Ch Chimini's Maia The Beautiful
 Siberian Husky  Elizabeth White 80.0
Frogpeak's Mighty Long Run
 Australian Shepherd  Elise Saint-Pierre 79.0
Dushanbe's Sweeter Dreams
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 76.0

Novice B - Karen MacFarlane
No Entry

Intermediate - Karen MacFarlane
Ch Bernfield Moorbern Busted Halo
 Border Terrier  Karen Harrison 94.0
Ch Dushanbe Just Minted Brightwood
 Samoyed  Robyn Pennell 90.0
Ch L-Essem M.M-N's Snowshoe's Starlight Of The Lee Cr
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 79.0

Advanced A - Karen MacFarlane
Freelin's Tear in My Heart
 Retriever (Golden)  Danieda Meier 100.0
Goldwater's Sadie
 Portuguese Water Dog  Wanda Barkhouse 83.0
Sabine Belle von Seiger Boss
 Pointer (German Short-Haired)  Henry Stern 73.0

Advanced B - Karen MacFarlane
Shadyhill's Esskay
 Spaniel (American Cocker)  Myrna Carlson 100.0
Fidjit de la Foret
 Berger Des Pyrenees  Jane McNee 99.0
GChEx Dushanbe's Dreamboat
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 95.0
 Mixed Breed  Megan MacKenzie 92.0
Deep Hollow's Emma
 German Shepherd Dog  Amanda Dauphinee 78.0

Excellent A - Karen MacFarlane
No Qualifiers

Excellent B - Karen MacFarlane
Fidjit de la Foret
 Berger Des Pyrenees  Jane MacNee 99.0
Shadyhill's Esskay
 Spaniel (American Cocker)  Myrna Carlson 96.0
 Mixed Breed  Megan MacKenzie 87.0
GChEx Dushanbe's Dreamboat
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 83.0

Master - Karen MacFarlane
No Qualifiers

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