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Friday, March 24, 2017 - Obedience Trial #1

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Friday, March 24 (Obedience Trial #1)
Saturday, March 25 (Obedience Trial #2)
Sunday, March 26 (Obedience Trial #3)

Rally Obedience

Friday, March 24 (Rally Obedience Trial #1)
Saturday, March 25 (Rally Obedience Trial #2)
Sunday, March 26 (Rally Obedience Trial #3)

Results courtesy of:

-- Michelle Whistlecraft --
Wolffman's Kosmic Lunar Karma AGNS, AGNJS
MHIT, CH & OTCH Wathaman's Xtremely Xplosive Am CDX, Am/Can HT, DD, AGIs, AGIJs, OAP, NAJP, PADNs, NFP, RN, Am RE, CS, CI, CS-T, HIC
CH Wathaman's YouOttaB N Pictures
MHIT, CH, MOTCH & AGMCHV Wathaman's Trainwrek O Trouble Am UD, TD, Am/Can HT, PT, HSS, HSAS, RE, Am RAE, NAP, NAJP, VER, PADN, HIC, CGN, TT
MHIT, CH & GMOTCH Wathaman's Vandalizing Vegas Am UD, Am HT, Am/Can RE, AGXV, AGXJV, OAP, OAJP, VER, PADIV, NFP, HIC, CGN, TT
Owner: Michelle Whistlecraft

High In Trial
Judge: Suzanne Hemminger
Poodle (Miniature)  
GMOTCh Belcourt Cool Dude / Lee Kozicki

Pre-Novice - Jeffrey Lunder
Darken's Two For The Show
 Schipperke  Lea Murray N/A
Coppertop Devonaire
 Retriever (Golden)  Maureen and Mike Cogut N/A

Novice A - Jeffrey Lunder
Creo's Gypsy Fable Wild
 Bernese Mountain Dog  Nikeae Michalchuk 191.5
Be Tenaciously Aerodynamic
 Whippet  Kirstin Oneill 189.5
Ch Dilquin's Nothing Toulouse
 Poodle (Standard)  Denise Vandenbrink 187.5

Novice B - Jeffrey Lunder
Topguns Radical Rabbit Of Lunacy
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Kirstin Oneill 198.5
Maggray's N' Credible Journey
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Erica Robb 197.0
Ch Wathaman's Zest For Life
 Rottweiler  Kim Zippel 197.0
Baywood's Aston Martin
 Portuguese Water Dog  Denyse Martin 196.5
GCh CanyonView Lord O The WestWind
 Shetland Sheepdog  Connie Anderson 193.0
GCh Catalyst's Special Agent d'ARK
 Australian Cattle Dog  Vanessa Downing 189.0
GCh Siosalach Bugslife At Ringkona
 Pug  Georgena Graham 183.0

Novice C - Jeffrey Lunder
GCh Beaumark's White Diamond
 Retriever (Labrador)  Dorothy Havrelock 179.5

Novice Intermediate - Jeffrey Lunder
 Mixed Breed  Janis McNalley 188.0
Ch Vicwin Diamond Back
 Pointer (German Short-Haired)  Cheryl Johnstone 187.0
 Mixed Breed  Chantal Ratte 185.5

Open A - Jeffrey Lunder
Turbo Steam'N Mountain Runner
 Retriever (Golden)  Linda Taylor 193.0
Yando vom Haus Stirling
 German Shepherd Dog  Gaeleen Ratte 189.0

Open B - Suzanne Hemminger
GMOTCh Belcourt Cool Dude
 Poodle (Miniature)  Lee Kozicki 198.0
MOTCh Spirit's On A Promise
 Retriever (Golden)  Karen Dowell 198.0
OTCh Cintara Copper Myne At Ladylin
 Shiba Inu  Linda Humeniuk 197.5
OTCh Smok'nGold's SkyRocket N' Flyte
 Retriever (Golden)  Marsha Hall 195.5
Ch OTCh Wathaman's Xtrodinary Landing
 Rottweiler  Kim Zippel 195.5
Ch MOTCh Wathaman's Xtremely Xplosive
 Rottweiler  Michelle Whistlecraft 194.5
Ch OTCh Kavon's Ring Of Fire
 Australian Shepherd  Kathleen Conway 191.5

Utility A - Jeffrey Lunder
No Qualifiers

Utility B - Suzanne Hemminger
GMOTCh Belcourt Cool Dude
 Poodle (Miniature)  Lee Kozicki 199.0
Hi-Star's It's All About Teal
 Retriever (Golden)  Pauline Baldwin 197.5
Topiary Little Black Tornado
 Poodle (Miniature)  Heather Box 195.0
OTCh Cintara Copper Myne At Ladylin
 Shiba Inu  Linda Humeniuk 194.0
Ch OTCh Wathaman's Xtremely Xplosive
 Rottweiler  Michelle Whistlecraft 193.0
Ch OTCh Kavon's Ring Of Fire
 Australian Shepherd  Kathleen Conway 192.5
OTCh A Scarlett Letter De Crysalex
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Caraley Scott 187.5

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