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Saturday, July 23, 2016 - Rally Trial 1

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Friday, July 22 (Show # 1)
Friday, July 22 (Show # 2)
Saturday, July 23 (Show # 3)
Saturday, July 23 (Show # 4)
Sunday, July 24 (Show # 5)
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Sunday, July 24 (Obedience Trial 1)
Sunday, July 24 (Obedience Trial 2)

Rally Obedience

Saturday, July 23 (Rally Trial 1)
Saturday, July 23 (Rally Trial 2)

Novice A - Michel Calhoun
Malinger's Black Tye Affair
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Treana Rink 98.0
Khalsa's Wish Upon A Star
 Poodle (Standard)  Shealagh & Brian Kennelly 96.0
Ch Aurelia's Hot Hot Summer
 Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)  Brenda Matsen 93.0
CL's TwilitePrincess Marleesha
 German Shepherd Dog  Karin Beeler 84.0

Novice B - Michel Calhoun
Topsecret Final Justice
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Treana Rink 99.0
Marigold Castles In the Air
 Retriever (Golden)  Nicole Young 99.0
GCh Ghostprints Destination Unknown
 Weimaraner  Jodi Dedels 99.0
Six Mile's Canadian Twist
 Retriever (Labrador)  Erin Lynes 98.0
Aura's To Infinity And Beyond
 Poodle (Miniature)  Theresa Dancey 97.0
Ch Isengard's Intrepid Racketeer
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Greta Cheryl Jefferson 96.0
Graphic Coffeeberry
 Poodle (Standard)  Kim Savor 94.0
Greyghost's Sea Treasure
 Weimaraner  Denise & Doug McLean 91.0

Intermediate - Michel Calhoun
Ch Keesrich Nordbaer Heirborn Son
 Keeshond  Karin Beeler 95.0
GCh Aurelia's Some Like It Hot
 Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)  Connie Moody 93.0

Advanced A - Michel Calhoun
No Qualifiers

Advanced B - Michel Calhoun
GCh Karalash Undeniable
 Shetland Sheepdog  Gwen Perrin 98.0
Greyghost's Jazz Zone
 Weimaraner  Denise McLean 95.0
Kimelle Walk On Water
 Poodle (Standard)  Kim Savor 93.0
GCh Aurelia's Jittrbug Georgi Girl
 Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)  Brenda Matsen 91.0
Crystalton's Miss Emma
 Poodle (Standard)  Christina Drey 82.0

Excellent A - Michel Calhoun
Ch Keesrich Nordbaer Heirborn Son
 Keeshond  Karin Beeler 76.0

Excellent B - Michel Calhoun
 Poodle (Standard)  Christina Drey 98.0
Kimelle FX Baby Got Browngenes
 Poodle (Standard)  Kim Savor 98.0
GCh Aurelia's Jittrbug Georgi Girl
 Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)  Brenda Matsen 96.0

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