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Saturday, May 4, 2013 - Regional Specialty

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Sweepstakes - Leslie Grant Top Dog
Best In Juvenile Sweepstakes    Nyroca's Witch Hazel   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Opposite in Juvenile Sweeps    Chablais Farouk   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best In Veteran Sweepstakes   Ch Lubberline Onarock Brigantine   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Opposite in Veteran Sweeps No Entry

Specialty - Joanne Fernall Top Dog
Best Of Breed   
Ch Gateway's Nothin' But Trouble
  Retriever (Labrador)   62
Best Of Opposite Sex   
Ch Greenhill Midnight Special
  Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Of Winners    Nyroca's Witch Hazel   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Puppy In Breed    Nyroca's Witch Hazel   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Select Dog   Ch Lubberline Onarock Brigantine   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Select Bitch   
Ch LandnSea's Lighthouse KeepHer
  Retriever (Labrador)   0
Award Of Merit   Ch Chablais Harold   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Award Of Merit   Ch Staghorn's Harris Tweed   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Winners Dog    Belquest Fergus in Trouble at Snobo   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Reserve Winners Dog    Chablais Farouk   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Veteran Male   Ch Lubberline Onarock Brigantine   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Winners Bitch    Nyroca's Witch Hazel   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Reserve Winners Bitch    Chablais Blanche   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Veteran Female   Ch Gorsebrook Mesa At Greenhill   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Veteran   Ch Gorsebrook Mesa At Greenhill   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Brood Bitch   Ch Gorsebrook Mesa At Greenhill   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Brace   Ch Windanna's Calling The Shots   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Brace   Ch JBEE Grace Little Miss Lyrical   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Gun Dog   
Ch Chablais Casablanca
  Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Baby Puppy In Breed    Chablais Josephine   Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best of Breed (Altered)   
Ch Everwood's Bad News Bear
  Retriever (Labrador)   0
Best Opposite Sex (Altered)   Ch Madabout's Dubois Ray of Light   Retriever (Labrador)   0
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