The internet has opened new doors in communication amongst dog fancier.  Aside from breed specific email lists, the following may be of interest to you:

Canada West Show Dogs

A Place for dog fanciers from Western Canada - BC to Northern Ontario, and the Pacific Northwest US... to interact, share ideas, talk about dog shows, training, or any other dog related topic. A forum for discussing dog events, dog shows, dog sports, canine health and other topics. A Place to brag about your achievements, ask questions, share news, photos etc. You can advertise your kennel or dog related business here, including used dog supplies!

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BC Show Dogs

A place for dog people from British Columbia to get to know each other and to communicate. A forum for discussing dog events,dog shows, sports, health and other topics. A Place to brag about your achievements, ask questions, etc. Check out our website for a free breeder listing. You can also find dog club listings and dog related businesses listings on our site.

Canadian Show Dogs

Canadian Show Dogs
For those with an active interest in dog competitions...from Juniors to Judges; from novice handlers to the Professional. This is the oldest National list covering all aspects of Conformation shows, Obedience, Field Trials, Drafting, Agility and more! Everything about dog events is discussed..travel hints, entry info, show brags..the list is endless. Join the original and largest Canadian Show Dogs list on YahooGroups! Web page: http://www.canadianshowdogs.info

Canadian Junior Handlers

A list for Junior dog handlers of all ages, current and past.   A place to exchange ideas, make new friends, learn new things.   For junior show handlers, obedience, flyball, agilty, anything dog related! Come and chat.


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