Fantail's English Rose Petal
Setter (English)
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Call Name: - (Female)
Owner: Martha Garneau

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Breed Ranking: 29 29 28 27 N/A
Group Ranking: 532 520 492 468 N/A
All Breed Ranking: 2602 2516 2399 2278 N/A

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BIS RBIS GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4   GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4 BOB   Points
0 0 0 1 0 0   0 0 0 0 0   19
Win Record - 2019
Show Date
Oakville & District Kennel Club September 06 to September 08, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday 1st Open Bitch Class   John Muldoon N/A
  Best Of Opposite Sex   John Muldoon N/A
  Winners Bitch   John Muldoon (2-1-0-0)
Saturday Best Of Breed   Denise Branch 0
  1st Open Bitch Class   Denise Branch N/A
  Winners Bitch   Denise Branch N/A
Friday Best Of Breed   Laurie Campbell 1 (1-1-0-0)
  1st Open Bitch Class   Laurie Campbell N/A
  Best Of Winners   Laurie Campbell (1-1-0-0)
  Winners Bitch   Laurie Campbell (1-1-0-0)

Show Date
Kilbride & District Kennel Club August 09 to August 12, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Monday Group 2nd   Guillermo Carrillo 18
  Winners Bitch   Guillermo Carrillo (1-1-0-0)
  Best Of Breed   Guillermo Carrillo 1 (1-1-0-0)
  Best Of Winners   Guillermo Carrillo (1-1-0-0)
Sunday Winners Bitch   Antaon Hlebarov (1-1-0-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Antaon Hlebarov N/A
Saturday Reserve Winners Bitch   Shawn Bennett N/A
Friday Winners Bitch   Sylvie Miron N/A
  Best Of Breed   Sylvie Miron 0

Show Date
Bobcaygeon Kennel Club July 04 to July 05, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Friday Winners Bitch   Doug Gaudin (0-1-1-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Doug Gaudin N/A
  Winners Bitch   Mike Jackman (0-1-1-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Mike Jackman N/A
Thursday Winners Bitch   Nancy Tibben (0-1-1-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Nancy Tibben N/A
  Winners Bitch   Avery Gaudin (0-1-1-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Avery Gaudin N/A

Show Date
Hamilton Kennel Club June 28 to June 30, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Saturday Winners Bitch   Brian Taylor (2-1-1-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Brian Taylor N/A
  Best Of Winners   Brian Taylor (2-1-1-0)

Show Date
Erie Shores Kennel Club June 07 to June 10, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Monday 2nd Open Bitch Class   Robert Ennis N/A
  Reserve Winners Bitch   Robert Ennis N/A
Sunday 1st Open Bitch Class   Jos De Cuyper N/A
  Best Of Winners   Peter King (3-6-4-1)
  Winners Bitch   Peter King (3-6-4-1)
Saturday 2nd Open Bitch Class   Richard Powell N/A
Friday 3rd Open Bitch Class   David Strachan N/A

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