Lemoges Prince Elisha
Poodle (Toy)
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Call Name: - (Male)

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Breed Ranking: 12 12 11 11 11
Group Ranking: 445 442 418 394 360
All Breed Ranking: 3330 3275 3121 2970 2749

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BIS RBIS GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4   GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4 BOB   Points
0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 0   11
Win Record - 2019
Show Date
Glacier View Kennel Club August 06 to August 08, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Thursday Best Puppy In Breed   Honey Glendinning N/A
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Honey Glendinning N/A
  Winners Dog   Honey Glendinning (1-2-0-0)
Wednesday Winners Dog   John Rowton (1-2-0-0)
  Best Puppy In Breed   John Rowton N/A
  Best Of Winners   John Rowton (1-2-0-0)
  Best Of Breed   John Rowton 2 (1-2-0-0)
Tuesday Best Puppy In Breed   Laurie Campbell N/A
  Best Of Winners   Laurie Campbell (1-2-0-0)
  Best Of Breed   Laurie Campbell 2 (1-2-0-0)
  Winners Dog   Laurie Campbell (1-2-0-0)

Show Date
Campbell River Dog Fanciers Society August 03 to August 05, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Monday Winners Dog   Sharon Derrick (1-2-0-0)
  Best Puppy In Breed   Sharon Derrick N/A
  Best Of Winners   Sharon Derrick (1-2-0-0)
  Best Of Breed   Sharon Derrick 2 (1-2-0-0)
Sunday Best Puppy In Breed   Elizardo Valadez N/A
  Best Of Winners   Elizardo Valadez (1-2-0-0)
  Best Of Breed   Elizardo Valadez 2 (1-2-0-0)
  Winners Dog   Elizardo Valadez (1-2-0-0)
Saturday Best Puppy In Breed   Sue-Ellyn Rempel N/A
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Sue-Ellyn Rempel N/A
  Winners Dog   Sue-Ellyn Rempel (1-2-0-0)

Show Date
Comox Valley Kennel Club June 08 to June 11, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Tuesday Best Puppy In Breed   Bonnie Derry N/A
  Best Of Winners   Bonnie Derry (1-1-0-0)
  Best Of Breed   Bonnie Derry 1 (1-1-0-0)
  Winners Dog   Bonnie Derry (1-1-0-0)
Monday Best Puppy In Breed   Ed Wild N/A
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Ed Wild N/A
  Winners Dog   Ed Wild (1-2-0-0)
Sunday Best Of Opposite Sex   Mukul Vaid N/A
  Winners Dog   Mukul Vaid (1-1-0-0)
  Best Puppy In Breed   Mukul Vaid N/A
Saturday Winners Dog   Thomas Alexander N/A
  Best Puppy In Breed   Thomas Alexander N/A
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Thomas Alexander N/A

Show Date
Tyee Kennel Club May 09 to May 12, 2019
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Winners Dog   Dana Cline (1-2-0-0)
  Best Puppy In Breed   Dana Cline N/A
  Best Of Winners   Dana Cline (1-2-0-0)
  Best Of Breed   Dana Cline 2 (1-2-0-0)

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