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Completely Cagefree™ Boarding

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Cheryl Orletsky on July 12, 2018 AT 03:07

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July 31, 2018


Completely Cagefree™ Boarding -- is how we got started in 1998 and it’s still our most popular service! Over the years, we have serviced thousands of clients and their dogs. Once people find us, it’s not uncommon for them to travel even more often, since they get such peace of mind knowing their dog isn’t just sitting in a kennel, awaiting their return. What do we offer? A home-away-from-home environment! They get to play or just hang out with their new dog and human friends, and believe it or not, they may barely notice you are away! When you board your dog with us, it is completely different to the 'kennel-style' of boarding, in which people are used to. Our Guests are treated as just as you would at home -- and are not just left in kennels! We have human day beds, fluffy dog beds, blankets, radio and TV -- everything you have at home! Dogs are fully attended by our staff 24 hrs/day. Holiday Pet Care also provides Dog Daycare, Grooming, Dog Walking and in-home P





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