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Judge Information
Judge Name: Torbjorn Skaar
Location: Tyreso, Sweden
Kennel Name:
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds
I started in 1961 with horse riding both jumping and dressage. My fi rst dog was a Great Dane from the Airways Kennel in 1968, and we later imported from the USA. In 1980 when I met Paul Stanton, I was introduced to his breeds….Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Terriers. In 1992 our kennel Tintavon was awarded the Hamilton Plaque for outstanding breeding of Lhasa Apso. With great success, we have bred Lhasa Apso, Tibetan Terriers, Whippets and theThai Bangkaew Dog.

I got my official license in 1992 and became an FCI all breeds judge in 2016. I have judged on all fi ve continents. I love judging and my favourite groups are Sighthounds and the Toy group. I have been Chairman of the Tibetan breed club since 2001. I also enjoy judging junior handling and I was a committee member in SKK Junior Handling for many years.

My other interests include food, travelling and culture in general.
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