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Judge Name: Christian Gomez
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Kennel Name:
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds
I’m from Bogotá Colombia, started in the world of dogs, thanks to the intense hunting activity developed in my father's family, which led me to become passionate about life in the countryside and above all for sharing and observing hunting dogs beating all lands. In this way and as a gift from my father to his children, I have my first experiences with American Cocker Spaniel dogs, used for the purpose.

In my first years of University, I managed to get involved with the Lasallian Canine Club, of which I would later become the first President directly elected by its members, where I had the fortune of "learning by doing", the official exhibitions scheduled under the responsibility of the Club.

Later, I became interested in the professional handling of show dogs, starting with the German Shepherds. I decided to venture into the Rottweiler Breed in the early 90s, not only as a breeder but as a professional handler, exhibiting Dalmatian, OESD, Bullmastiff , Boxer, Bulldog, Dobermann, American Akita, Bouvier de Flanders, Bull Terrier as well. In 1999 I was awarded the Lasallian medal of merit, for my work and development in the canine environment. I join as a member of the ACCC where I had the opportunity, as a member of the Technical Committee and Board of Directors, to assume direct responsibility in the management of the breeding of the Rottweiler breed for several years.

I obtained my license as a Specialized Judge for Rottweiler and Boxer Breeds in 1998, extending it to group II F.C.I. in 2003 and groups I, VII, VIII and IV in 2008 FCI all-rounder Judge in 2009. I have carried out judging in Canada (Bathurst, London On., Camrose, Nanaimo, Edmonton), Japan (Narita), China (Hangzhou, CKU), Mexico (Rottweiler specialty Monterrey), Club 00, FCM (Expocan), Guatemala , El Salvador, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru (Peruvian Kennel Club, Lima Rottweiler Club, Arequipa Canine Club, Bolivia (Cochabamba, Santa Cruz), Brazil (All breeds and Specialized APRO and others) , Argentina (Specialized Rottweiler and Boxer), Rosario Can Club, Cordoba Kennel Club, Venezuela, Chile, in addition to those specialized for group II breeds and all breeds, under the auspices of several clubs in my country.

I am a graduate of the De La Salle University of the Faculty of Agricultural Business Administration in Bogota, specialized in Dairy Farming and Agricultural Business Creation and Management.

I have been working for 28 years as Technical and Commercial Manager of an important pet food and products company with coverage throughout Colombia.
Future Assignments

Limestone City Obedience & Kennel Club - July 26, 2024
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