Judge Information
Judge Name: Christian Molina Galvez (Dr)
Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Kennel Name:
Website: http://www.molinashome.galeon.com/
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds
Speak: Spanish, Portugueis & English.
Academic formation: Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Zootecnist (MVZ), UAGRM. Agricultural Business Management MSc, UAGRM. Specialist Animal Ethology. Police Captain - Bolivia.
Approved courses: 1994 National All Rounder Judge. KCB. 1998 International All Rounder Judge. KCB, SICALAM, FCI. 1998 Judge Specialist German Shepherd Dog. KCB. 2000
Sport Training: tracking, obedience and attack. SchH3 - Spain. 2005 Dogs Instructor for narcotics and explosives detectors. National Police Bolivia.

Judged Exhibition - Judgments in Bolivia: * All breed Show, since 1994: KC Cochabamba; KC Santa Cruz; KC La Paz; KC El Alto; KC Oruro; KC Tarija; KC Trinidad; Montero (KCSC); & Quillacollo (KCC). Condor de Oro Championships 2012. * Specialized Shows of German Shepherds in the cities of: COAB Cochabamba; COAB Santa Cruz; COAB La Paz; COAB El Alto; COAB Oruro; KCC Quillacollo.

Judgments Abroad: * All breed Shows: Peru (Juliaca); KC Peru Juliaca; CC Arequipa. Brasil KC Riberao Preto; Matto Grosso KC; KC Matto Grosso do Sul; Campinas KC; KC Atibaia e Brag.-Paulista; KC Goias; KC Norteriograndens; KC Florianapolis; KC Londrina; Brasil KC; KC Joinville; Amazonas KC; KC Victoria; Boa Vista KC; KC Brasilia; Pernambuco KC; Club Baiano Cinofilo; KC Fluminense; KC Triangulo; KC Sergipe; KC do ABC. Sao Luis KC. Jamaica (Kingston); The Jamaica KC. U.S.A. (Jackson Ville); Argentina Club Canino Mar Platense; Club Canino Necochea; Club Canino de Corrientes; Rosario Can Club. Venezuela Kennel Club de Aragua Ecuador AERCAN - Quito. Thailand Bangkok - Toy Dog Club of Thailand South Afrika KUSA - Breede Rivier Vallei KC; Cape Town Kennel Club; Working & Herding Breeds CC; Hottentots Holland KC; Western Province KC. Australia Hills Kennel Club of Western Australia Inc.; Caboolture Kennel Club; Amenities Committee of Dogs Queensland; Dog of The Year Support Committee. Peru Club Canino de Arequipa * Specialized Show of: German shepherd, Labrador Retriever., Spitz, etc.: Jamaica (Kingston); The GSD Club of Jamaica. Peru (Juliaca). APPPA Juliaca, GSD. Argentina (Mar del plata): CC Necochea Labrador Retriever. Brasil (Rio de Janeiro): BKC Germany Spitz, final tournament 2012.

Topics Dog Breeding: - Starting to breed in 1987, as a member of the Kennel Club Boliviano. - It is the 25th member of the entire KCB - Bolivia. - He has owned various breeds in the span of this time, such as: Airedale Terrier, Old English sheepdog, American Akita, Kerry Blue Terrier, Bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier, Akita Inu, Miniature Schnauzer, West Highland White Terrier, Dachshund wire haired, German Shepherds, etc. - He started his breeding with German Shepherd 1990, until today, the specimens obtained during this period, have competed in Bolivia, having won numerous specialized exhibitions and All Breed, BIS, etc. And winner in other countries: Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela, USA, Puerto Rico. - At the same time, has breed since: (1992 - 2002) Akita Inu, (1996 - 2013) Shih-Tzu, (only 5 years) Old English Sheepdog & Bulldog. - And now starting since 2010 to breed Pomerania & Kleinspitz.

First President of the German Shepherd Club of Bolivia, 1996. - Approved for breeds judge, KCB, in Bolivia since 1994. - All Rounder Certified International Judge, KCB - FCI, since 1998. - Partner APPPA - KCP (Peru); Partner SV – Germany; CBKC Partner - Brazil; & Partner KCB - Bolivia. - Breeding Director of KCB, since 2000 to 2014. - Chairman of the Board of Judges of the KCB since 2012 to 2014.

Christian Molina Galvez
Veterinarian Zootecnista.
Master in Agricultural Business Management.
Bolivian Police - Captain International
Judge All Rounder - FCI - KCB Sp. of German Shepherd Judge - FCI - KCB Mat.
C.M.V. no 0440.
Email: molinashomebr@gmail.com
Email: molinazwinger14@hotmail.com
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