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Nicola Valley Kennel Club
June 28, 2024 - July 01, 2024
Merritt, BC (Outdoors)


Description: 4 All Breed Shows
Address: Nicola Valley Rodeo Grounds, 499 Lindley Creek Rd, Merritt, BC V1K 1L4

Closing Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024  @ 11:00 p.m. (Pacific)

  • Conformation - Sylvia Barkey (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Lana Ferguson (British Columbia, Canada)
    Conformation - Gail Forsythe (Dr) (Alberta, Canada)
    Conformation - Ron Mahon (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Roberta Parish (British Columbia, Canada)
    Conformation - Terill Udenberg (Dr) (British Columbia, Canada)
    Sweepstakes - Colette Ritchie (British Columbia, Canada)

  •  Jun 28, 2024
    Jun 29, 2024
    Jun 30, 2024
    Jul 1, 2024
    Bests Gail Forsythe (Dr)Lana FergusonRon MahonSylvia Barkey
    Group 1 Gail Forsythe (Dr)

    Group Level
    Lana Ferguson

    Lana Ferguson
    Retriever (Labrador)
    Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
    Setter (English)
    Setter (Gordon)
    Setter (Irish Red & White)
    Setter (Irish)
    Spaniel (American Cocker)
    Spaniel (American Water)
    Spaniel (Blue Picardy)
    Spaniel (Brittany)
    Spaniel (Clumber)
    Spaniel (English Cocker)
    Spaniel (English Springer)
    Spaniel (Field)
    Spaniel (French)
    Spaniel (Irish Water)
    Spaniel (Sussex)
    Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
    Spinone Italiano

    Roberta Parish
    Braque d'Auvergne
    Braque Francais
    Griffon (Wire-Haired Pointing)
    Lagotto Romagnolo
    Pointer (German Long-Haired)
    Pointer (German Short-Haired)
    Pointer (German Wire-Haired)
    Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)
    Retriever (Curly-Coated)
    Retriever (Flat-Coated)
    Retriever (Golden)
    Vizsla (Smooth)
    Vizsla (Wire-Haired)
    Ron MahonSylvia Barkey
    Group 2 Gail Forsythe (Dr)Lana FergusonSylvia BarkeyRon Mahon
    Group 3 Gail Forsythe (Dr)Roberta ParishRon MahonSylvia Barkey
    Group 4 Terill Udenberg (Dr)Gail Forsythe (Dr)Sylvia BarkeyRon Mahon
    Group 5 Gail Forsythe (Dr)Roberta ParishSylvia BarkeyRon Mahon
    Group 6 Terill Udenberg (Dr)Gail Forsythe (Dr)Sylvia BarkeyRon Mahon
    Group 7 Terill Udenberg (Dr)Gail Forsythe (Dr)Ron MahonSylvia Barkey

Forms & Links

Premium List
Online Entry

Show Secretary

Arctic Dreams
Comp 56, Site 11, R.R. 2
Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0
Phone: 780-814-3665
Email: kat_mclaugh@yahoo.ca
Website: http://www.arcticdreams.ca

Additional Notes
Junior Handling
Friday at noon. Judge: TBA

Judging Panel Changes
Bob Rowbotham is unable to fulfill his assignment.  Ron Mahon will judge in his place.
Elaine Ross is unable to fulfill her assignment. Please view the panel assignments for the changes.

Canine Good Neighour Test

* Merritt has a very low vancancy rate at this time. An option is to rent/borrow an RV and camp on site.
Comfort Inn & Suites...............3713 De Wolf Way | Phone: 250-315-0237
Best Western Plus...................3969 Crawford Ave | Phone: 250-378-0700
Sage Inn..................................3561 Voght St | Phone: 250-378-9422
Travelodge by Wyndham........3581 Voght St | Phone: 250-378-8830
Intern Inn & Suites..................2201 Voght St | Phone: 250-378-4291
Road Runner Motel................2799 Nicola Ave | Phone: 250-378-4201

Event Map
Address: Nicola Valley Rodeo Grounds, 499 Lindley Creek Rd, Merritt, BC V1K 1L4
Disclamer: Map may not display exact location. Use event address to confirm your destination.

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