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Sudbury & District Kennel Club
September 17, 2021 - September 19, 2021
Chelmsford, Ontario (Outdoors)

Website: http://www.sdkc.ca/
Description: 6 All Breed Shows
Address: Foothills Farm Equestrian Center, 5702 Nickel Offset Rd, Chelmsford, Ontario P0M 1L0

Closing Date: Monday, September 06, 2021  @ 8:00 p.m. (Eastern)

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Friday, September 17 (Show-1)
Friday, September 17 (Show-2)
Saturday, September 18 (Show-3)
Saturday, September 18 (Show-4)
Sunday, September 19 (Show-5)
Sunday, September 19 (Show-6)

  • Conformation - Douglas Anderson (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Heather Brennan (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Laurie Campbell (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Stewart Dankner (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Joe Deleo (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Ted Fahlgren (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Honey Glendinning (Alberta, Canada)
    Conformation - Barbara Heal (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - James Reynolds (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Bea Sawka (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Philip Wendling (Ontario, Canada)

  •  Sep 17, 2021
    Sep 17, 2021
    Sep 18, 2021
    Sep 18, 2021
    Sep 19, 2021
    Sep 19, 2021
    Bests Honey GlendinningTed FahlgrenStewart DanknerJames ReynoldsDouglas AndersonBarbara Heal
    Group 1 Honey GlendinningPhilip WendlingStewart DanknerBarbara HealDouglas AndersonJames Reynolds
    Group 2 Ted FahlgrenHoney GlendinningStewart DanknerBarbara HealJames ReynoldsDouglas Anderson
    Group 3 Honey GlendinningPhilip Wendling

    Group Level
    Stewart Dankner

    Joe Deleo
    Alaskan Malamute
    Anatolian Shepherd Dog
    Bernese Mountain Dog
    Canaan Dog
    Entlebucher Mountain Dog
    Great Pyrenees
    Greenland Dog
    Saint Bernard
    Schnauzer (Standard)
    Siberian Husky
    Tibetan Mastiff

    Stewart Dankner
    Black Russian Terrier
    Canadian Eskimo Dog
    Cane Corso
    Doberman Pinscher
    Dogue de Bordeaux
    Great Dane
    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
    Karelian Bear Dog
    Neapolitan Mastiff
    Portuguese Water Dog
    Schnauzer (Giant)
    James ReynoldsBarbara Heal
    Group 4 Philip WendlingTed FahlgrenJames ReynoldsHoney GlendinningBarbara HealDouglas Anderson
    Group 5 Philip WendlingTed FahlgrenBarbara HealBea SawkaLaurie CampbellDouglas Anderson
    Group 6 Ted FahlgrenHoney GlendinningJames ReynoldsStewart Dankner

    Group Level
    Barbara Heal

    Barbara Heal
    French Bulldog
    Japanese Akita
    Shiba Inu
    Tibetan Spaniel
    Tibetan Terrier

    Laurie Campbell
    American Eskimo Dog (Miniature)
    American Eskimo Dog (Standard)
    Bichon Frise
    Boston Terrier
    Chinese Shar-Pei
    Chow Chow
    German Pinscher
    Japanese Spitz
    Lhasa Apso
    Poodle (Miniature)
    Poodle (Standard)
    Shih Tzu
    Xoloitzcuintli (Miniature)
    Xoloitzcuintli (Standard)
    Douglas Anderson
    Group 7 Honey GlendinningPhilip WendlingBea SawkaStewart DanknerJames Reynolds

    Group Level
    Barbara Heal

    Barbara Heal
    Australian Cattle Dog
    Australian Kelpie
    Australian Shepherd
    Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
    Bearded Collie
    Belgian Shepherd Dog
    Berger Des Pyrenees
    Berger Picard
    Border Collie
    Bouvier des Flandres
    Collie (Rough)
    Collie (Smooth)
    Finnish Lapphund
    German Shepherd Dog

    Heather Brennan
    Iceland Sheepdog
    Lancashire Heeler
    Miniature American Shepherd
    Norwegian Buhund
    Old English Sheepdog
    Polish Lowland Sheepdog
    Portuguese Sheepdog
    Shetland Sheepdog
    Spanish Water Dog
    Swedish Vallhund
    Tatra Shepherd Dog
    Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
    Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Forms & Links

Premium List
Entry Form
Parking and Grooming Space Reservations
Waiver - COVID-19
Judging Schedule

Show Secretary

Diana Edwards Show Services
1562 Route 203
Howick, QC J0S 1G0
Phone: 450-825-2824
Fax: 450-825-0894
Email: diana@dess.ca
Website: http://www.dess.ca/

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Sudbury Toy Dog Fanciers - Group Specialty Show for Group 5 (Toys)

Additional Notes
Junior Handling (2)
Saturday and Sunday. Judges: TBA.

Sanction Match
Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Entry fee: $5. Judge: Colin Brownlee.

RV Parking fee: $75 for complete show weekend / $25 per night. No electrical, sewer or water hookups. Reserve trailer parking by sending a request and either an e-transfer or cheque to:
- Cheque:
Diana Edwards Show Services
1562 Route 203, Howick, QC J0S 1G0
- E-transfer to: diana@dess.ca

Grooming Space
Reserved day exhibitor grooming spots with vehicle. No cover – bring your own pop-up which can remain for weekend. Small generators may be used sparingly and must be placed behind your vehicle.
- Adjacent to the rings - $40 for weekend
- 100 meters from rings with morning shade along the tree line - $25 for weekend
To reserve day exhibitor grooming spots, send a request and either an e-transfer or cheque :
- Cheque:
Diana Edwards Show Services
1562 Route 203, Howick, QC J0S 1G0
- E-transfer to: diana@dess.ca

Comfort Inn..........................440 Second Ave North, Sudbury | Phone: 705-566-4502
Comfort Inn..........................2171 Regent Street, Sudbury | Phone: 705-522-1101
Travelodge...........................1401 Paris St, Sudbury | Phone: 705-522-1100
Super 8................................1956 Regent Street, Sudbury | Phone: 705-522-7600
Days Inn..............................117 Elm Street, Sudbury | Phone: 705-674-7517
Northbury Hotel....................50 Brady Street, Sudbury | Phone: 705-675-5602

Event Map
Address: Foothills Farm Equestrian Center, 5702 Nickel Offset Rd, Chelmsford, Ontario P0M 1L0
Disclamer: Map may not display exact location. Use event address to confirm your destination.

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