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Friday, May 14, 2010

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** Fran Zimmerman **
Aura's Snowbird (Anie) & Aura's First Snow (Metoo)
Fran Zimmerman, Aura Poodles
Best In Show
Judge: Sharon Derrick
Afghan Hound  
Ch Polo's The Aviator
Points: 259 TOP DOG points (** see disclaimer at bottom)
Best Puppy In Show
Judge: Sharon Derrick
Pug   Joycresspugs Minnie Pearl

Group 1 - Yvonne Savard Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Stanegate Supertramp
  Spaniel (Irish Water)   47
Group 2nd   
Ch Sunrunners Untouchable
  Setter (Gordon)   43
Group 3rd   
Ch Trugold's Zoom Rococo Zoom
  Retriever (Golden)   38
Group 4th   
Bartland's View From The Top
  Weimaraner   21
BPIG    Kman's N Sjobloms Heart Of Gold   Spaniel (American Cocker)   N/A

Group 2 - Bonnie Tetlock Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Polo's The Aviator
  Afghan Hound   30
Group 2nd   
Ch Foxglen Deal Or No Deal
  Basset Hound   23
Group 3rd    Laponderosa Pirate Of The Caribbean   Beagle   22
Group 4th   Ch Houndwalker's Man In The Moon   Bloodhound   11
BPIG    Laponderosa Pirate Of The Caribbean   Beagle   N/A

Group 3 - Yvonne Savard Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Shaman's Maid Of The Mist   Samoyed   51
Group 2nd   
Ch Mytuk's Technical Knock Out
  Alaskan Malamute   44
Group 3rd   
Ch Falconcastles Project Brinx
  Bullmastiff   43
Group 4th   
Ch Mainsails Blackbeary Express
  Newfoundland   37
BPIG    Modadobe Sunset Dreaming   Doberman Pinscher   N/A

Group 4 - Sharon Derrick Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Mystique's Smooth Sailing   Schnauzer (Miniature)   27
Group 2nd   Ch Plawsworth Belle Of Bon Accord   Fox Terrier (Wire)   19
Group 3rd   
Ch Broxden Dress For Success
  Fox Terrier (Smooth)   18
Group 4th   
GCh Raglan Ravishing
  Scottish Terrier   17
Red Warrior Daydreamer Of Michl R
  American Staffordshire Terrier   N/A

Group 5 - Sharon Derrick Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Sheeba Happily Inspired   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   49
Group 2nd   
Ch Freespirits I Kid You Not Arkeno
  Papillon   47
Group 3rd   
Day-Star Of Lenette
  Pomeranian   38
Group 4th    Joycresspugs Minnie Pearl   Pug   31
BPIG    Joycresspugs Minnie Pearl   Pug   N/A

Group 6 - Sharon Derrick Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Waylin's It's Up To Hugh   Boston Terrier   20
Group 2nd   
Ch Camplaren Klondike Connection
  Schipperke   18
Group 3rd   GCh Malia Santorini   Tibetan Spaniel   17
Group 4th   
Ch Buldenezh Brave Gelios
  Bulldog   16
Amberbull Make A Sexy Time
  French Bulldog   N/A

Group 7 - Yvonne Savard Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Kohlein's Envy
  German Shepherd Dog   33
Group 2nd   
Ch Maggray's Mr Ultra Irresistable
  Belgian Shepherd Dog   28
Group 3rd   
Ch Grandgables Pure Heaven
  Shetland Sheepdog   27
Group 4th   
Ch SnowDowne Chelsea Morning
  Old English Sheepdog   16
BPIG    Bijou Educated Guess   Briard   N/A
Disclaimer: These are not official CKC results. If you spot any incorrect results, please email sue@canuckdogs.com. We rely on the goodwill of volunteers to provide us with results and mistakes are corrected as soon as we receive them. The TOP DOG points are unofficial and are calculated based on the show judging schedule so absentees are NOT taken into consideration. For official results, contact the Canadian Kennel Club.

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