Ottawa Valley Golden Retriever Club
Saturday, February 12, 2011 - Trial 96

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High In Trial
Judge: Bruce Gibbons
Golden Retriever  
Webshire's Whole Kate 'N Caboodle

Novice A - Bruce Gibbons
  Belcanto Laurchel's Tempi  Golden Retriever  Beth McKibbin 194.5
  Jake  Labrador Retriever  Maureen McLaughlin 189.5
Ch Laurel Oak Bella Gloria SeptiemeCiel
 Parson Russell Terrier  Sylvie Gauthier 188.0
  Sigfield's Tara  German Shepherd Dog  Jiri & Hana Soukup 184.0

Novice B - Bruce Gibbons
Webshire's Whole Kate 'N Caboodle
 Golden Retriever  Helen Walker 200.0
  KKandans Jasper  Standard Poodle  Rebecca Mosher 195.0
  O'Grady's Temperature's Rising  Australian Shepherd  Catherine Mirsky 193.5
  Brackenridge Que Alegria  Golden Retriever  Diana Davison 191.5

Open A - Bruce Gibbons
 Ch Foxgrove's Just Whistling Dixie  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  Sue Kish 196.5
  Holiday's Golden Sable  Boxer  Gloria Bell 179.5

Open B - Bruce Gibbons
MOTCh Taygold's Brawlroom Dancer
 Golden Retriever  Ellie Beals 199.0
 OTCh Gaylan's High Roller  Golden Retriever  Pamela Martin 198.5
 Ch MOTCh Debessiere Midnight Bouncer  Miniature Schnauzer  Pierrette Roy 197.5
 MOTCh Clearhounds Jim Key Cr  Whippet  Katherine Darbyshire 197.0
Kriscoland Blasterson Bogart
 Labrador Retriever  Kerri Rossiter 196.5
  Goldencol's Full Of Beans  Golden Retriever  Virginia Chafe 193.0
 Ch Suvan's So I'm The One  Bichon Frise  R Northey 188.5
  Danandre Lyekka M8 Crown Jewel  Doberman Pinscher  Katherine Darbyshire 181.0

Utility - Bruce Gibbons
GMOTCh Tudorose Smooth Operator
 Standard Poodle  Lisa Day 198.0
 OTCh Gaylan's High Roller  Golden Retriever  Pamela Martin 196.0
GMOTCh Hunterbraes Jade Enchantress
 Shetland Sheepdog  Lynda Morrissey 195.5
 Ch MOTCh Debessiere Midnight Bouncer  Miniature Schnauzer  Pierrette Roy 194.5
MOTCh Taygold's Brawlroom Dancer
 Golden Retriever  Ellie Beals 191.0
 Ch Toplooks Mystic River  Golden Retriever  Esther Cox 190.0
Brackenridge's I'm Casey
 Golden Retriever  Elizabeth Doran 187.5

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