Ch Pageska's IT Enzo
Griffon (Wire-Haired Pointing)
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Call Name: Enzo - (Male)
Owner: Paige Pettis & Meghan Brodie
Breeder: Paige Pettis
Handler: Paige Pettis

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Dec. 2016 Nov. 2016 Oct. 2016 Sept.2016 Aug. 2016
Breed Ranking: 4 4 3 3 3
Group Ranking: 234 232 220 207 206
All Breed Ranking: 1075 1068 1012 941 941

Top Dog Points Summary
All Breed Specialty
BIS RBIS GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4   GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4 BOB   Points
0 0 0 1 0 0   0 0 0 0 0   72
Win Record - 2016
Show Date
Pictou County Kennel Club September 10 to September 11, 2016
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best Of Breed   Wendy Schira 2 (0-2-1-0)
  Best Of Breed   Jocelyne Gagne 2 (0-2-1-0)
Saturday Best Of Breed   Doris Willis 2 (0-2-1-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Sue-Ellyn Rempel N/A

Show Date
Kilbride & District Kennel Club August 05 to August 07, 2016
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best Of Breed   Christian Molina Galvez (Dr) 0
Saturday Best Of Breed   Luis Pinto Teixeira 0
Friday Best Of Breed   Gordon Hayburn 0

Show Date
Grey-Bruce Kennel & Obedience Club August 02 to August 04, 2016
Day Position   Judge Points
Thursday Best Of Breed   Morley Thornton 0
  Best Of Breed   Doug Gaudin 0
Wednesday Best Of Breed   Olga Gagne 0
  Best Of Breed   Avery Gaudin 0
Tuesday Best Of Breed   Peter Machen 0
  Best Of Breed   Terill Udenberg (Dr) 0

Show Date
Limestone City Obedience & Kennel Club July 22 to July 24, 2016
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best Of Opposite Sex   Mark Houston-McMillan N/A
Saturday Open Dog Class   Juan Naveda Carrero N/A
  Best Of Winners   Juan Naveda Carrero (1-1-0-0)
  Best Of Breed   Juan Naveda Carrero 1 (1-1-0-0)
  Winners Dog   Juan Naveda Carrero (1-1-0-0)
Friday Open Dog Class   William Gunn N/A
  Open Dog Class   Guy Jeavons N/A
  Winners Dog   Irene Latchford (1-1-0-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Irene Latchford N/A
  Winners Dog   Guy Jeavons (1-1-0-0)
  Best Of Opposite Sex   Guy Jeavons N/A

Show Date
Valley Kennel Club July 18 to July 20, 2016
Day Position   Judge Points
Wednesday Winners Dog   Ann Ingram N/A
  Best Of Breed   Ann Ingram 0
  Open Dog Class   Ann Ingram N/A
Tuesday Winners Dog   David Kelland N/A
  Open Dog Class   David Kelland N/A
  Best Of Breed   David Kelland 0
  Open Dog Class   Jean-Louis Blais N/A
  Winners Dog   Jean-Louis Blais N/A
  Best Of Breed   Jean-Louis Blais 0
Monday Winners Dog   Guillermo Carrillo N/A
  Best Of Breed   Guillermo Carrillo 0
  Best Of Breed   Guy Spagnolo 0
  Group 2nd   Guy Spagnolo 59
  Open Dog Class   Guillermo Carrillo N/A

Show Date
Association Canine Charlevoisienne July 09 to July 10, 2016
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best Of Breed   Carlos Roberto Flaquer Rocha 1
Saturday Best Of Breed   Johan Becerra-Hernandez 1
  Best Of Breed   Barbara Heal 1

Show Date
Chateauguay Valley Kennel Club July 01 to July 03, 2016
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best Of Breed   Rita Walker 1
Saturday Best Of Breed   Michael Woods (Dr) 1
Friday Best Of Breed   Linda St-Hilaire 0
  Best Of Breed   Stephen Dainard 1

Show Date
Association Quebecoise du Griffon d'Arret a Poil Dur June 25 to June 25, 2016
Day Position   Judge Points
Saturday Reserve Winners Dog   Linda Gagnon N/A

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