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Group 7 - The top 5 and all point winners in Group 7 for the current week

Top 5 This Week - November 7, 2017 to November 13, 2017

CONFORMATION - Group 7 for November 7, 2017 to November 13, 2017 (Total Points Accumulated)
Dog Name Breed Points
Kokopelli's N Renegades Gonna Let It Slide Australian Cattle Dog 54
GCh Byeyo's Miss Lulu Blue Australian Cattle Dog 17
Ch Austlyn N Aquila Captain Naval Australian Cattle Dog 9
Cobbers Dine N Dash Australian Cattle Dog 4
Austlyn's Northern Ryder Australian Cattle Dog 2
Kokopelli's So Be It Australian Cattle Dog 0
Uretopia Byeyo Cookin' Agassiz Australian Cattle Dog 0
GCh Rick's Smokin' Thunder Australian Cattle Dog 0
Ch Kinring's Rigel Australian Shepherd 58
Kiji Urban Cowboy Australian Shepherd 37
Wenlisa's Valedictorian Australian Shepherd 37
Ch Risk'N Hope's Perfect Game Australian Shepherd 29
GCh Kiji Don't Talk Just Kiss Australian Shepherd 26
Ch Absoloot Something To Talk About Australian Shepherd 7
GCh Kinring's Antares Australian Shepherd 0
Rainedance Millenni'em' Cameo Australian Shepherd 0
GCh Rallentando Rhyme Bearded Collie 63
GCh Black Cooper Indian Summer Bearded Collie 24
Ch Hpnotiq's Taking The Lead Bearded Collie 23
GChEx Classical Alexis On Fire Bearded Collie 0
Celticmoon's Quantum Leap Belgian Shepherd Dog 6
Winjammer Icy Visions Belgian Shepherd Dog 0
Ch Mia Bella de l'Avocat de la Tour Berger Picard 93
Sketchbook's Leinenstone Mojito Mixer Berger Picard 52
Eclipse All That Glitters Berger Picard 0
Outburst Go Big Or Go Home Border Collie 33
Hollowshot Spot On Border Collie 1
GChEx Cornus One In A Row Bouvier des Flandres 506
Aktiv's All You Need Is Love Bouvier des Flandres 0
Bijou My Oh My Briard 0
GCh Beaugency BRIX Briard 0
Ch Deja Vu Popsakadoo From A To Z Briard 0
GCh Omega Magic Touch Collie (Rough) 66
GCh Omega's Imagination Collie (Rough) 64
Koallies Fonehill Fraternity Collie (Rough) 24
Snovalley Eilish At Koallies Collie (Rough) 2
Omega's Love Me Tender Collie (Rough) 0
Ch Omega Ennismoor Special Blend Collie (Rough) 0
Ch Chippenhook's Summer Gold Collie (Smooth) 12
Ch Tir Nan' Og Shock Rock Collie (Smooth) 5
Ch Colwick's Front Page News Collie (Smooth) 0
GCh Maple Myst's Best In Snow Finnish Lapphund 3
GChEx Armahani Diamond Davvenasti Finnish Lapphund 0
GCh Woodside's Southern Belle German Shepherd Dog 196
GCh Kohlein's Estrella German Shepherd Dog 65
Ch Qisma's Blue Savannah Nobler German Shepherd Dog 51
GCh Bigsky's Kayene Pepper Marleesha German Shepherd Dog 28
Kimon von Golden Strand (ITA) German Shepherd Dog 6
Elhart's Ever Keep on Truck'n German Shepherd Dog 4
Pineridgice Eyvindur Iceland Sheepdog 0
Arnscroft Be A Sailors Son Di Norwegian Buhund 34
GCh Lambluv's If I Could Turn Back Time At MerryMops Old English Sheepdog 81
Loehr's Suzie Q I Think I Love You Old English Sheepdog 24
Loehr's Island Sapphire Sky Old English Sheepdog 1
Raksa Bacowa Z Banciarni Polish Lowland Sheepdog 2
Ponklon Mater Polish Lowland Sheepdog 2
Ch Messyhair's Audrey Hepburn Schapendoes 0
GCh Mosaic Sharpshooter Shetland Sheepdog 150
GCh Crinan Executive Decision Shetland Sheepdog 73
GCh Prairiemist Random Heart Shetland Sheepdog 38
GCh Dalgarnoch Nite At The Oscars Shetland Sheepdog 37
Grandgables Mesmorize You Shetland Sheepdog 9
Ch Dyniques International Dynamo Shetland Sheepdog 8
GCh Dalgarnoch Celtic Lass Von Matris Shetland Sheepdog 8
Glenmorris One Thing Remains Shetland Sheepdog 0
Longhauls Turning Heads Shetland Sheepdog 0
Ch Ramblinbrook's Wishin And Hopin Shetland Sheepdog 0
Windyrose Zac Brown Shetland Sheepdog 0
GCh Regaloake's Westminster Abbey Shetland Sheepdog 0
Longhauls Its My Turn Shetland Sheepdog 0
GCh Larska's Red Velvet Swedish Vallhund 26
Ch Larska's Linus Niklas Swedish Vallhund 0
Aurigan Mantle The Highlander Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) 20
Ch Oakleaf Bennie And The Jets Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 32
GCh Nootka's Avenue On The Prairie Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 9

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