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Group 3 - The top 5 and all point winners in Group 3 for the current week

Top 5 This Week - May 8, 2018 to May 14, 2018

CONFORMATION - Group 3 for May 8, 2018 to May 14, 2018 (Total Points Accumulated)
Dog Name Breed Points
GCh Starring-Maat Original Sin Alaskan Malamute 415
Bearhug's King Of The North Alaskan Malamute 28
GCh Silverdream's This Is It Alaskan Malamute 7
Ch Kiaranuk's Aurora Alaskan Malamute 1
Bearnstrait Taolan Leading Man Alaskan Malamute 1
GCh BernerGold's Chasin' The Dream Bernese Mountain Dog 86
GCh Belnois Makes My Heart Go Boom Bernese Mountain Dog 62
Creo's Neon Moon Bernese Mountain Dog 51
Bamm-Bamm Von Sasaunna Bernese Mountain Dog 41
Ch Sendache's Predicting Trouble At Alpenbliss Bernese Mountain Dog 26
Plainsong's Classic Country Bernese Mountain Dog 25
GCh Medvezhya Staya Indiana Jones Black Russian Terrier 46
Ch Makovey Noch Na Kupalu Black Russian Terrier 19
Ch Barentsnight Krystal Light Black Russian Terrier 4
GCh Tybrushe's Deja Vu Boxer 110
Briley's This Must Be Magic Boxer 31
Ch Banbury's ZZ Chops Bullmastiff 58
GCh GiZah's Out of This World Bullmastiff 55
Demetra Dali Land Bullmastiff 0
Island Reign's Champage Taste On A Beer Budget Cane Corso 65
Bocaia Corso Bajer Cane Corso 2
Avitus' Baba Yaga Cane Corso 1
GCh Legendale Addiction V Goldgrove Doberman Pinscher 313
Ch dBella's Maeflower Doberman Pinscher 44
Mojave's Apache Tears Doberman Pinscher 41
Ch Ravalleses Breakn Allthe Rules Doberman Pinscher 22
GCh Gatehouse Mr. Wonderful Doberman Pinscher 18
GCh Cassel N dBella's Wicked Doberman Pinscher 9
GCh Mojave's Gateway To Gold Doberman Pinscher 7
Ch Sioul's Entre-Amis Doberman Pinscher 7
Raindance Raising The World Standard Doberman Pinscher 2
Nothintohide Karma S A B Itch Doberman Pinscher 0
Naku's Northern Nakita Eurasier 0
GCh ValbyDane BetweenHeavenNEarth Great Dane 338
Ch Elle's Hi-Air Lockheed Electra Great Dane 190
GCh Libertesse Scouts Honour Great Dane 30
Spruce Hill's Road To Redemption Von Jerdan Great Dane 0
Nocturne Du Grande Tendre Great Pyrenees 36
Tailcreek's Black Watch Mastiff 2
Bendegeit's Arson Around Mastiff 1
Northernpaws Bronte Roman Mastiff 0
Lizona's Austin Powers Groovy Mastiff 0
Scarlett Del Vezuvia Mastino Neapolitan Mastiff 2
Enzo Od Janiho Neapolitan Mastiff 1
Ch J-Lo Dello Coraggioso Cuore Neapolitan Mastiff 0
GCh Midnight Lady's Fire Up Your Engine Moso Newfoundland 321
Ch CastaNewf's Cloud9 Compassrose Newfoundland 319
GCh Nautica's Ocean Escapade Newfoundland 0
Ch Seabury's Made To Measure Portuguese Water Dog 31
Ch Pattedeau's Crown Jewel Portuguese Water Dog 22
Ch Asclepia Incarnata de Inga Portuguese Water Dog 20
GCh Fado's Magical Inspiration Portuguese Water Dog 6
Acostar Whoa Nelly Commocean Portuguese Water Dog 0
Riverwaves Galo Da Boa Vida Portuguese Water Dog 0
GCh BigLuv's Let It Ride Rottweiler 100
Ch Bang's Bonanza Flyin' High Ty Rottweiler 40
Ch Stonerose Take It on Faith Rottweiler 21
Ch Eternalfire's Made To Order For Nighthawk Rottweiler 6
Tierney's Call Of The Wild Rottweiler 2
Eirians Rar'n To Go Herrschend Rottweiler 0
Yensid Full Of Glee Saint Bernard 4
Lionridge Princess Arendelle Saint Bernard 1
GCh Vanderbilt 'N Printemp's Lucky Strike Samoyed 219
GCh Dushanbe's Dreamboat Samoyed 51
Alnair Shine Amazing Rey White Avalanche Samoyed 33
Snowshoe N Samtos's Rise To Fame Samoyed 10
Jewel's White Aquavit Straight Up Samoyed 6
Vanderbilt's Island Delight Samoyed 0
Ch Lindsayleigh's Thunder Struck Schnauzer (Giant) 102
Bluechip Tempest Schnauzer (Giant) 20
Asgardian's Diamond Inthe Ruff Schnauzer (Giant) 2
Asgardian's Jade Memoire Schnauzer (Giant) 2
GCh Nanook's Alberta Clipper Siberian Husky 723
Ch Snowmist's Hennessey Siberian Husky 46
Ch Wolvereen StarLight StarBright Siberian Husky 40
Ch Sibertrott's Legendary Girl Siberian Husky 8
Sibertrott's Angel Of Valhalla Siberian Husky 3

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